Landowner Solar Solutions

Start Farming Solar Today

Sun2o partners with large landowners in select areas of the U.S. to lease or purchase land for solar developments. A solar lease can maximize your property's value by providing fixed, recurring and attractively priced lease revenue for your land. If you own at least 10 acres of land in certain U.S. states, Sun2o would love to hear from you. 

So how does it work?

1) Initial Conversation

To begin, provide Sun2o with the location of your property. We will run a free preliminary feasibility analysis for a solar development on your land. Following this analysis, Sun2o will be able to release indicative financial terms. Each property is unique, and your land may not be conducive to building a solar farm on it because of its location, topography, size or other factors. If everything looks good and we both decide to move forward, we’ll negotiate and execute a Lease or Purchase Contract.

2) Project Development

Following land contract signing, Sun2o and its partners will begin development of the solar farm. Main tasks include environmental assessments, project permitting, contracting, and electrical interconnection. Assuming no problems are encountered during the development, the project will move to construction and operation.

3) Project Operation

Once constructed, the solar farm will generate clean energy for the next 20+ years. It will be remotely monitored at all times and will require very little ongoing maintenance. Solar farms have minimal impacts and do not produce noise or air pollution. Projects will also generally be screened from public rights of ways to minimize any visual impact. All costs to operate, maintain and decommission the array will be covered by the project owner.